Alyce Partners with Outreach to Improve ABM Execution with AI-Powered Direct Mail and Swag

Alyce, the leading AI-powered B2B gifting platform, announces their partnership with Outreach and upcoming integration in their Galaxy partner program to bring hyper-personalized direct mail and swag into the innovative sequences of Outreach, helping to greatly improve prospecting connect rates and move opportunities through the pipeline more quickly.

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Outreach, the leading sales engagement platform, launches their Outreach Galaxy program intended for integration partners to more deeply integrate their tools while providing a new way for reps to engage with prospects.

“Sales teams are looking for fresh ways to both get a prospect’s attention and to continue to invest in that relationship throughout the sales cycle. The physical world of direct mail and swag are untapped by many reps– and by using Alyce’s AI to connect their interests to thoughtful, real-world actions, a rep stands out,” says Greg Segall, CEO of Alyce. “With the Alyce-Outreach integration, marketing and sales teams will soon have an efficient way to connect and invest in the relationship with their prospect at a hyper-personalized level that is 3-5x more effective than generic direct mail, swag, calls or email messages.”

Outreach Galaxy will enable these channels and tools in a way that compliments each other in a single workflow. As a part of that effort, soon Outreach users will have the ability to scale direct mail and swag within their daily workflows using Alyce, further enabling sales and marketing teams to create and nurture authentic relationships at Pivotal Gifting Moments through the prospect and customer lifecycle.M

Alyce’s AI-powered gifting platform allows ABM-focused sales and marketing teams to bring a refreshingly unique approach to direct mail and swag to drive pipeline creation within top accounts. The hours-long process of researching a prospect’s interests, writing them a card and sending them a personalized, hand-selected gift are achieved in minutes using Alyce at massive scale. The Alyce model puts the gift recipient experience first by providing them the power of choice to either accept, exchange or donate the value of their gift to a charity of their choice.


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